Dentures: Needs and Advantages

Artificial replacements for natural teeth and gums are known as dentures. Whether for a disease or accident, or even tooth decay dentures are used to replace missing teeth and restoring your smile. Dentures are ideal for erosion of jaw line and gum than undesirable dental procedures of implants and crowns.
It is also suitable for old people who cannot bear immense long dental procedures sitting in a same position for hours. Even there are people with eroded teeth and jaw line to such an extent that there is no other better way than dentures. Dentures in Brampton is not a tough science to solve or find answers to, as every dental office provides this facility to their patients.

denture servicesTypes in Dentures:

  • Complete Dentures: Also known as “false teeth”, they replace the whole teeth inside a mouth. Made of colored plastic to match the gum, complete dentures are attached by suction thereby forming a seal for the gums. Complete dentures can be attached in dental implants which are set to the jaw bone by surgical methods. However, it is natural to experience soreness at the beginning during the initial time of dentures placement but as time passes people get used to it.

Complete dentures are also classified into two types:

  • Immediate Dentures: These dentures are placed just after the extraction of a patients teeth. Dentist takes the measurement of your teeth and the shape of your jaw, in the first appointment. The benefit of immediate dentures is that a patient doesn’t have to remain without teeth when they will be going through the healing period.
  • Conventional dentures: Dentures that are placed after the healing of jaw and gum tissues is called Conventional dentures. These dentures are usually placed after 9-12 weeks or even longer.
  • Partial Dentures: Also known as Removable Partial denture Prosthesis, partial dentures come into demand when patients still have some natural teeth but they are not capable enough to support the bridge. By filling the gap of the missing teeth, partial dentures blocking other natural teeth from changing their positions.

Thus, whatever problem that your dental health is going through, it is high time for getting treated by the best dentist in Brampton.