Dentures in Brampton

Also known as false teeth, Dentures are prosthetic devices created to replace lost teeth and are supported by soft and strong tissues of the oral cavity. Due to the effect of any accident or disease which leads to damage of teeth, dentures are set as a substitute of your damaged or lost teeth.

For erosion of gum and jaw line, dentures are the ideal way to retain your chewing capability. The main reason behind this is the fact that dental methods like crowns and implants are much disadvantageous and tiring process. Dentures are more befitting for old people who have problems going through an immense process for dental implants. There are also cases where teeth have eroded to such a condition when dentures are the last answer left.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are provided to the patient on the same day that teeth are removed, eliminating the embarrassment of having no teeth. As the gums are healing and the bone is remodeling, these dentures will need to be periodically adjusted and possibly relined so that they will continue to fit comfortably. Over the course of a year, once healing has taken place, it may be necessary for the patient to obtain a new set of dentures.

Here in Brampton, we provide Immediate Dentures for people on the exact day of removal of the patient’s teeth to save the awkwardness of being toothless.

Over Dentures

If the patient has remaining teeth with strong roots, over-dentures may be used. These dentures will fit over the natural teeth. They don’t require relining as frequently as complete dentures because less recession of the gums and jawbone will take place, and they will create fewer problems with the patient’s bite. With over-dentures, the remaining teeth will be re-sculpted and metal caps will be inserted to help prevent decay.

We also provide Over-Dentures to patients who have deep rooted but damaged teeth. Basically, when patients have strong rooted damaged teeth, dentures are set over the natural teeth to help prevent decay by re-sculpting the leftover teeth and insertion of metal caps.

What to Expect after It’s Been Placed

Dentures may feel uncomfortable at first until the gums and tissue adjust to being in contact with man-made relining material. During the first few days, dentures should be worn continuously to reduce any swelling that may occur, which usually subsides within three days. Eating soft food will be beneficial during this period, as patients may notice that their new set of teeth feel awkward and loose when eating and chewing. It will help to read aloud to overcome any speech impediments that may occur during the initial wearing period. Patients may also find that their lower dentures take a little longer to adjust to than upper dentures. It may take several months for the jawbone to adjust and heal completely. Once this has occurred, our Los Angeles dentist will permanently reline the dentures. The lining consists of soft material that cushions the dentures when they make contact with the gums.

With proper care, dentures last more than five years. This includes cleaning with dentures toothpaste and removing them during the night for letting the gums breathe. Dentures should be kept in water in order to prevent warping.

Hence, if you are wondering for a better time to visit a dentist, we are waiting to be at your service with all our best resources.