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GC Dental team located in Brampton is skilled in caring for all ages of patients, from the newest arrivals to your grandparents. A Family Dentist specializes in providing care to all age groups so that they are able to effectively treat an entire family, from children to the elderly. The philosophy around family dentistry is to provide effective preventative and maintenance treatment to every age group, so that every member of your family can see the same dentist routinely for biannual check-ups and cleanings.

When an entire family consistently sees the same dentist, the family dentist can easily track the dental health of every member and point out what may be consistent problems that recur throughout the family, which can often point to dietary issues or methods of tooth care. When children see their parents go to the same dentist they go to, it helps to ease fears and make them feel more secure. Babies and toddlers will find the experience of a “dental home,” an important concept that will help establish positive experiences with dental care from the earliest age and reinforce the need for regular dental care throughout the child’s life. Another great advantage of having a family dentist is that he or she can constantly monitor your entire family’s dental health, and every member will have an accurate and full record of their complete dental history over the years.

Family Dentistry is considered to be primarily a preventative field because – when it comes to dental health – preventing problems before they happen is far easier than repairing them after they’ve occurred. Your family dentist in Brampton will perform all basic dental work for your family including cleanings, fillings, extractions, fluoridization checks and fluoride sealants for children, removing tartar and plaque, and of course – filling cavities. Another important benefit of having a family dentist is that – if there’s a dental emergency – like a severe toothache or a tooth that’s been knocked out – you have a dentist to call who knows every aspect of your dental history.

Another service your family dentist in Brampton and Mississauga performs is educational; at every age and stage of development your dentist can provide helpful advice, from what to put in sippy cups for your baby to the need for fluoride for your children to the effect acidic foods can have on adult teeth. Your dentist also helps to educate every member of your family with instructions on how to brush, floss, and rinse teeth between appointments, as well as what kind of diets can cause or prevent tooth decay. And if there is an issue that requires a certain dental specialist, like teeth straightening for your teenager or dental implants for you or your parents, your family dentist can refer you to the best specialist for the job. Finding the right family dentist, one that your whole family is comfortable with, can take a great deal of stress out of maintaining your family’s dental health. If every member of your family sees your Family Dentist every six months, none of you may ever have to seek additional dental services!

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